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“Beautiful place to relax and enjoy the day.  We took kayaks with us and enjoyed being on a gorgeous stretch of the river.” 


Jean D.

"Lots of wildlife. 

My family loved the peacocks!  Beautiful geese in the River!  I also saw some fish jumping out of the water, beavers zipping along, an eagle,  squirrels, lots of birds, and a couple of white tail deer!  Very cool place!


Mark A. and Marrianne

"My favorite was the covered bridge.  There is seating all along the sides and it was a great place to view the river and the park, while staying out of the heat!


Jessie C.

"We had about 150 people in our gathering.  We enjoyed a bluegrass band and good food.  Can't wait to go back!“ 


Ron and Julie



“Smooth event went without a hitch!  Wonderful surroundings!” 


Michael M.

“The baptisms are stirring and
awe-inspiring.  It takes you back a hundred years.  All of the families and friends gather around the shore, while the preacher and those to be baptized wade to the middle of the river and the whole service is conducted from the river.  It is beautiful!”  


David R.

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